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Fall and Winter Workwear Ideas

October 15, 2018

Working in an office environment, one can tend to feel a little uninspired when it comes to getting dressed at the end of a season. Thankfully, now that the weather’s starting to turn, you can put away that sleeveless dress and pumps, reach for your cozy sweaters and boots, and get ready to find some fresh inspiration on the racks at your local Style Encore store. Here’s what I’ll be shopping for this season!

As fall slowly rolls in, one thing that I do is take a look at all of the basics in my closet, and switch the blacks to browns—skirts, shoes, handbags, etc. During October and November, playing up such a warm base tone with burnt orange, mustard yellow, and forest green adds a layer of warmth that black simply doesn’t offer. It’s still a conservative color for the office while allowing you to dress accordingly for the harvest months.

Heading into even colder months with November right around the corner, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself buried in turtlenecks and trousers. One of my favorite ways to accessorize a bundled-up look is by adding some sparkle. Make sure you don’t go overboard—keep your specific office environment in mind—but a crystal bracelet or a pair of gemstone drop earrings can go a long way toward brightening a cold day.

And for the more fashion-forward office crowd, layer up the plaid. Whether it’s a three-piece set or a couple of mismatched prints, clashing a few different pieces of plaid workwear together makes for a bold, masculine look. Wear a plaid overcoat over your plaid blazer or a jacket over a matching vest or sheath dress. Just make sure to keep the color tones the same—if you’re doing a black-based plaid, keep each piece in the same family, and the same goes for brown.

Consider what might work for you and your winter office wardrobe the next time you go looking for secondhand gems at Style Encore. It might be something outside of your usual box, but a little fashion experimenting never hurt anyone. In fact, it would even be possible to put all of the ideas I shared above into one look—how’s that for dressing like a boss?

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford